Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the industry’s leading video editing programs for creating high-quality, professional videos for use in broadcast and online. It is capable of compiling your footage into amazing videos, with motion graphics, titles and graphics included, but at first glance, it’s a little overwhelming. This course is designed to help you navigate the interface and allow you to easily create dynamic, engaging videos that will impress your viewers, clients, customers, and more. 


Each stage of the editing process is broken into its own lesson and each lesson contains multiple subcategories to help you learn at your own pace. This course contains over two and a half hours of video content to help you learn.


No previous video editing experience required. This course is perfect for beginners and intermediate-level editors looking to brush up on their skills. This course is also great for those transferring from an alternative video editing program (i.e., Final Cut, iMovie, Vegas, etc.)


This course includes: Importing & Organizing Footage, Creating a New Sequence, Navigating Premiere and understanding the interface, Keyboard Shortcuts, Keyframes and keyframe animation, Transitions, Masking, Titles, MOGRT Files (Motion Graphic Files) and the Essential Graphics Panel, Captions and Subtitles, Time (Fast forward, reverse and slow motion, speed ramping, and time lapses), Stabilizing Footage, Keying and Editing Greenscreen Footage, Multicam Editing, Sound Editing, Dynamic Linking into other Adobe Software (After Effects and Audition), Colour Correction and Grading and The Export Process.


The idea behind this course is not only to teach you how to use Adobe Premiere Pro, but why you would use different techniques and tools to create your desired effect. This course will therefore allow you to create your own videos in Premiere that are guaranteed to impress.

  • Learn at your own pace

    Learn at your own pace. This course is split into twenty individual lessons. This enables you to binge-watch everything in one go or take a break whenever you need.

  • Easy to understand

    Clear, concise instructions make learning much easier. This course contains over 2.5 hours of video content.

  • A-Z

    This course will teach you how to import your footage, export your video and everything in between. Check out the course curriculum for all topics covered in this course.


Video Director

Chris Brooker

Hi, I'm Chris; a professional filmmaker and photographer from England. I've been making videos for most of my life, specialing in music videos, documentaries and corporate films. I'm grateful to say that I have worked with a vast array of amazing companies, artists and brands and my work has been featured on multiple TV networks, including BBC, ITV, Channel 4, MTV and more. The videos produced for my clients have amassed over 100 Million views on YouTube. In 2018, I turned the camera on myself, creating the Brooker Films YouTube channel, with the intent to share my knowledge with the world. Skip to 2021 and the Brooker Films YouTube channel has amassed over 58,000 subscribers, 8 million views, and 750 video uploads.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    1. Introduction

  • 2

    2. Importing & Organising

    • Import: Introduction

    • Import: Create a New Project

    • Import: Importing Your Footage

    • Organisation: Bins (Folders)

    • Organisation: Colour Labels

    • Organisation: Marking 'Good' & 'Bad' Takes

    • Organisation: Search Bins

    • Organisation: Adding Descriptions on Your Footage

  • 3

    3. Creating a New Sequence

    • Creating a New Sequence: Intro

    • Creating a New Sequence

  • 4

    4. Navigating Premiere

    • Navigating Premiere: Adding Footage into Your Sequence

    • Navigating Premiere: Exploring Essential Buttons & Sections in the Editing Panel

    • Navigating Premiere: The Effect Controls Window and Applying Effects

  • 5

    5. Keyboard Shortcuts

    • Keyboard Shortcuts: Intro

    • Keyboard Shortcuts: My Favourite and most used Keyboard Shortcuts

    • Keyboard Shortcuts: All Keyboard Shortcuts

    • Keyboard Shortcuts: How to Change Keyboard Shortcuts

    • Keyboard Shortcuts: Outro

  • 6

    6. Keyframes

    • Keyframes: Introduction

    • Keyframes: Getting Started & Motion

    • Keyframes: Keyframes & Effects

    • Keyframes: Convert Linear to Ease In Keyframes

    • Keyframes: Keyframes & Effects Continued

    • Keyframes: Outro

  • 7

    7. Transitions

    • Transitions: Intro

    • Transitions: Preparing Your Clips

    • Transitions: Using Premiere's Transition Presets

    • Transitions: The White Flash Transition

    • Transitions: The Blur Transition

    • Transitions: Creating Transitions from Color Mattes

    • Transitions: Movement Based Transition (Slide)

    • Transitions: Outro

  • 8

    8. Masking

    • Masking: Intro

    • Masking: How to Mask in Premiere

    • Masking: Using Masking with Effects

    • Masking: Create Split-screen Effects with Masking

    • Masking: Summary/Outro

  • 9

    9. Titles

    • Titles: Intro

    • Titles: Creating Titles with the Legacy Title Window

    • Titles: Creating Titles with the Type Tool

    • Titles: Comparing the Legacy Title and Type Tool when Making Multiple Titles

    • Titles: Underline Text Reveal Animation

    • Titles: Basic Glitch Text

  • 10

    10. MOGRT & The Essential Graphics Panel

    • Intro

    • Exploring the Essential Graphics Panel

    • Importing and Editing MOGRT Files

  • 11

    11. Captions

    • Captions: Intro

    • Captions: Generating Captions Manually & Automatically

    • Captions: Exporting SRT Caption Files (for YouTube, Facebook, etc. Subtitles)

    • Captions: Customising the Look of Your Subtitles & Captions

  • 12

    12. Time

    • Time: Intro

    • Time: The Basic Way of Changing Video Speed

    • Time: The Rate Stretch Tool

    • Time: Speed Ramping & Advanced Time Remapping

    • Time: How to Import Timelapses

  • 13

    13. Stabilising Footage

    • Stabilising Footage: Intro

    • Stabilising Footage: Using Warp Stabilizer

  • 14

    14. Keying & Greenscreen

    • Keying & Greenscreen: Introduction to Keying

    • Keying & Greenscreen: How to Remove Green & Add New Backgrounds

    • Keying & Greenscreen: Outro

  • 15

    15. Multicam Editing

  • 16

    16. Sound

    • Sound: Intro

    • Sound: How to Change The Volume of Your Audio

    • Sound: How to Clean Up Your Audio

  • 17

    17. Dynamic Linking

    • Dynamic Link: Intro

    • Dynamic Link: Link Video into After Effects

    • Dynamic Link: Link Audio into Audition

    • Dynamic Link: Summary/Outro

  • 18

    18. Colour

    • Colour: Intro

    • Colour: How to Colour Correct Your Footage

    • Colour: Colour Grading with Lumetri Colour

    • Colour: Export Your Own Colour Presets (LUTS)

    • Colour: Colour Grading with Adjustment Layers

    • Colour: Colour Grading Skin Tones

    • Colour: Outro

  • 19

    19. Export

    • Export: Intro

    • Export: Quick Export

    • Export: Full Export Settings

    • Export: Export Specific Parts of Your Video

    • Export: Batch Export with Encoder

  • 20

    20. Course Completed!

    • Course Completed


  • I'm a beginner in Premiere. Is this for me?

    Absolutely! This course covers everything from opening Premiere to exporting your video. If you're a beginner or an intermediate level creator looking to refresh your skills, then this course is perfect for you.

  • Why should I purchase this course from you?

    You don't have to! I have plenty of free educational videos on YouTube, but if you're looking for a detailed walk-through Premiere in chronological order, then this will take you much further than my YouTube videos.

  • When does the course start and finish?

    The course starts now and never ends! It is a self-paced online course. You decide when you start and when you finish.

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